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Your bath, your way... We're here to serve you.

From ambiance to accessibility, we can help you create the perfect bathroom.

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Bill Weber  and his wife of 49 years!

After over four decades in the industry, I know exactly what to look for--and I know what works and what doesn’t. I truly am here to serve you. I want your bathroom to be just want you want...whether that means sticking to a tight budget, or seeking out the perfect luxury fixture, or striving to make it efficiently handicap accessible.


Our proposals are real estimates, customized to your bathroom remodeling project; they're not some low-ball attempt to get your business. It’s why we are always done on time and on budget, and why our bathroom remodels are of the highest quality and visually stunning.


What sets Advocate Bath apart is that most other contractors in the area aren’t bathroom specialists. In fact, often your bathroom remodeler is also your kitchen remodeler, your basement remodeler, etc. So unfortunately, when it comes to bathroom remodels, they are just guessing because they aren’t specialists.

You see, the sheer number and variety of product choices is overwhelming for most, and contractors juggling all types of remodeling project may not have expertise specifically in bathrooms. They guess whether or not the fixture will work, if the old plumbing will hold, if the sealant they want to use will work, or if the vent is installed correctly. It is this guessing that results in low-ball estimates, shoddy workmanship, less than visually stunning bathroom remodels, cost over-runs, longer than promised construction times… and future problems.

Simply stated, you can’t put a value on experience and expertise. Experience and expertise are what allow us to see problems before they happen. It is also what allows us to be able to fix problems—quickly and affordably.

Bottom line: We truly are here to serve you. In fact, before you, the homeowner, ever does your walk-through, I have to be satisfied that your bathroom remodel is perfect—and NO ONE is harder to please than I am. If it isn’t perfect, it isn’t done… Period.

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