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Frequently Asked Questions

Tub Liner and Shower-Related Questions


Do I have to remove my old tub?

No. In most cases, unless it is a tub-to-shower conversion, or a spa tub, we will be fitting the new acrylic liner into your existing tub for a snug and solid fit. We are one of the only bathroom companies in the area that offers over 1,400 molds dating back to the early 1900s. With our computer-assisted software we ensure your liner is an ideal match to your existing tub.

However, please note that you cannot use a liner over a fiberglass, acrylic or plastic tub. Please note that any bathroom contractor who says differently is incorrect. There is just too much expansion and contraction that will occur with these types of bathtubs that you are almost ensuring leaks and cracks in the future.

How long does installing one tub-liner take?

When we remodel your bathroom, the installation time for the tub liner is just one day! (Compare that to the cost and time it would take to replace your existing tub or shower.)

Will I be able to use my tub the same day?

We recommend not using the tub until the next day to allow proper sealing of all areas in the installation.

Will my plumbing be affected?

During installation, if you have a local bathroom water shut-off valve we will utilize this to allow the rest of your home to maintain normal water pressure. If there is no local shut-off valve for your bath area, then your home’s main water may be off for a few hour’s time.

My bath wall has some water damage - can you repair this at the time of installation?

Yes. We repair all drywall damage in your bathroom as needed. We never cover up and hide items that should be replaced. If it needs to be removed and replaced WE WILL DO IT.

We refuse to compromise… our quality installs MUST look as good tomorrow as they do the day we install them. There is just NO OTHER WAY to remodel a bathroom.

Walk-In Tub Related Questions

Can I order a walk in tub with water or air jets?

Yes. Walk-in tubs are sold with the option of whirlpool jets, air jets or combination jets. Combination jet tubs include all whirlpool jets and air jets. Please note that the full bath soaking walk in tub is not sold with air jets or combination jets.

How do walk in bathtubs keep me safe?

Walk-in tubs are designed to allow you to enjoy bathing again without worrying about dangerous slips and falls. At Advocate Bath, all of our walk-in tubs are designed with anti-slip bottoms and a low step height. All of our tubs feature ADA-compliant 17” seat height and grab bars.

How durable is my walk-in tub?

We pride ourselves on using tub manufacturers that adhere to the highest standard…and we absolutely refuse to install anything that does not perform as promised. Our walk-in tubs, manufactured in the USA, are among the most durable on the market. Each one is built to the highest standards and will perform as promised…Guaranteed.

How easy are walk-in tubs to install?

While it is possible to go to a big box retailer and buy and install your walk-in tub, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. The bathtub installation process includes several tricky steps including removing your old tub, repairing your floor, installing the GFI circuit, and hooking up the water line, the drain lines and much, much more. Many components have to come together perfectly, and if just one little item is off, it can ruin your tub or worse.

Are the spa walk-in tubs you sell really safer than a traditional tub?

Absolutely! We take your safety very, very seriously. That’s why we offer so many advanced features at no extra cost to you. The leak-proof, low step door allows safely stepping into and out of the walk-in tub without fear of falling. A non-skid, textured floor reduces the chance of slipping while standing in the tub. The built-in raised seat is ergonomically designed for both comfort and safety while bathing. Easy reach grab bars are included for balance and stability. Anti-scald valves prevent the water temperature from reaching a dangerous level.

Will the tub fit in my bathroom?

Our walk-in tubs are designed specifically for any and all types of bathroom remodels where it replaces an existing tub. It fits right in the same space as a standard bathtub. We also have trim kits and other techniques to fit most odd size tub spaces as well.

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