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Tiny Bathroom? 50+ Design Tips to Maximize Space

Launching into a bathroom remodel project is exciting! You can peruse Pinterest looking for great inspiration, saving pictures of bathrooms that capture details and themes that you love. Picking a new color palette is fun--not something that happens every day.

And, if for this particular bathroom remodel you are working with a small square footage, you're probably trying to maximize space and efficiency, without compromising design and aesthetics.

We get it. And this is where we can help. With decades of experience in the home improvement industry, we know how to help you get everything you need in your bathroom--tiny or otherwise.

small bathroom, one shelf vanity

We've included a few articles here that offer some great advice for designing a small bathroom. They're full of tips and beautiful pictures illustrating different options.

The first article is on Forbes' website and gives tips like using a rounded vanity to eliminate sharp corners that can be "hip hazards." Ouch, right? I think we all know exactly what they're talking about...

Here's an example:

small bathroom, vanity with rounded corners

Another suggestion is to install a corner sink and vanity. If it's a bathroom--perhaps a half bath or a kids bathroom--that isn't regularly used in a way that requires a lot of counter space (think makeup, flat irons, curling irons, brushes, etc.) then we think this is a brilliant idea.

small bathroom; corner vanity and sink

For more ideas like this, check out the article for yourself.

Secondly, this article from The Spruce offers 25 tips from decorators and designers that are very useful. There aren't so many pictures on this one, but, even still, it's worth the read.

And lastly, this article from House Beautiful also has 25 tips and beautiful pictures illustrating their suggestions for small bathrooms. We highly recommend you spend a few minutes scrolling and gleaning great advice and inspiration.

small bathroom, wood vanity

And, just because we can't resist, here's one more great picture... Simple walls, paired with bold tile. Very nice, very nice...

Simple walls, bold tile; small bathroom

So, if you've gathered all your ideas, or need some help talking it through, give us a call or send us a message and we'd be happy to come out and design your bathroom with you and give you a free estimate.


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