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Yes, black can be a great color choice for your bathroom

If you are tired of traditional color schemes in your bathroom, and want something more dramatic than seaside pastels, why don't you consider some bold black?

It will stand out, for sure--and when paired with bright whites, or the right accent colors, it can be simply stunning. Lighting is important to take into consideration as well--whether that's natural light or lighting fixtures.

Maybe you're mostly convinced black is a color you want in your bathroom's color palette, but you're a little scared to take the leap. Maybe it's a little intimidating and you're worried you'll have "buyer's remorse" if you commit to dark, black walls.

We understand your hesitancy, but we also know black can be used in a dramatic way that does not make your bathroom feel dingy or dark. So, to try to explain our point, we thought some photos would help. After all, we all know a photo is worth a thousand words.

Here are two articles with fantastic photo galleries, entirely composed of bathrooms using black as a main theme color.

The first gallery is from HGTV, and one major takeaway is:

Don't be afraid to use black paint...

bathroom with black walls

bathroom with black walls

See? It works, doesn't it? We think so. The bright white offsets the black so your eye is not overwhelmed by the rich black--it's soothing, not bleak.

This second gallery from DigsDigs showcases stunning black and white bathrooms as well. A couple elements we like featured in these bathrooms are the black tile and the black grout. You can see a few pictures below.

bathroom with black tile

bathroom with black tile

Gorgeous, eh? Love it, love it, love it...

But there's a lot more to see in that gallery too. It's worth hopping over to and exploring... you'll find some dramatic, modern and quaint bathrooms--and everything in-between.

black accent bathroom

black paint bathroom

So whether you're doing a complete bathroom overhaul and renovation, or a facelift and quick remodel, it's a great opportunity to introduce black into your color palette.

We have decades of home improvement experience, and bathrooms are our specialty, so please call us and we'll gladly stop by and give you a free estimate.


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