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Ideas to Truly Help You Organize Your Bathroom

"How to Organize Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes" and "These Bathroom Organization Tips Will Change Your Life" articles are plentiful...and sometimes only marginally helpful.

So we clicked our way through galleries, skimmed a lot of lists and tips, and decided to highlight what we think are some genuinely useful bathroom organization and storage suggestions and products.

Some things you'll see here make the list because they're pretty and practical, others because they're functional and affordable, though maybe not Instagram worthy.

Mason jars mounted on the wall for storing bathroom essentials

This first one is pretty, trendy, and affordable to do for a DIY-er: mason jars mounted on the wall for all the small, necessary things in your bathroom.

C'mon, folks (ladies, help me out here), who doesn't love mason jar decor?

We found this idea at Country Living.

(Suggestion: if you're only going to click on one link in this article, I'd suggest it be this one.)

Okay, of all the ideas I came across, this is one of my favorites: MAGNETS!

Brilliant, I say. Brilliant.

This idea comes from Martha Stewart with a little explanation to get you started in the right direction:

"This medicine cabinet became more efficient after it was affixed with a sheet of precut galvanized steel to its interior with construction adhesive. Magnetic hooks now hold scissors and a mirror, and small plastic cups with magnetic bottoms corral small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips."

And, especially if you have lots of kids in this house, putting color-coded loops on the towels is a great way to help keep of track of whose towel is whose.

This idea is also from Martha Stewart.

A paper clip holder for bobby pins. Now that's a great idea.

This life hack came from Good Housekeeping and if you want more ideas along these lines, you should check it out here.

And if you're looking for more storage space in your bathroom, don't forget about the over toilet space. But before you settle for a cheap white cabinet that's "good enough," think about how you could capitalize on that space's decor potential. Don't we love this ladder shelf?

Find this also at Good Housekeeping.

And then there are a two other other "honorable mentions" we thought had some good ideas:

1) Woman's Day's online gallery of 20 Easy Solutions for Organizing a Small Bathroom is worth a look.

2) 20 Creative Bathroom Organizers Under $20 by House Beautiful.

Did you like anything you found there? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!

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