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5 Trends in Bathroom Design

In our high-tech world, it may seem that no area of our life is untouched by new innovations...including the bathroom.

This Old House highlights five trends in bathrooms. Some of these ideas are pretty interesting and definitely not the usual in American bathrooms. But if you're remodeling your bathroom and looking for something that's space-saving, cost-saving, or nature-inspired you might want to flip through their gallery.

For example, you can gain a bathroom bench by enclosing your toilet in a commode cabinet.

Or, perhaps you have medication that needs to be refrigerated and so you assume it needs to be kept in the kitchen fridge? Think again! You can have a refrigerated medicine cabinet in your bathroom. (It's also great for nail polish and organic skin products that don't have preservatives, according to This Old House.)

How about a tub with a built-in stereo system? There are no visible speakers and the sound comes through the tub walls!

And while dual-flush, water-saving toilets are common in Europe, now they're becoming a "thing" here. To see other trends and products, click the picture below.

If you see a feature you can't live without, give us a call at 708.447.4647 to schedule a free estimate.

bathroom with bench cabinet surrounding toilet

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