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Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In Bathtubs

(Not what you're looking for? You may want to consider a Tub-to-Shower Conversion)


More senior citizens are hurt in the bathroom getting in and out of bathtubs than I care to admit. Safety and convenience should always be a factor when looking at a bathroom and bathroom remodel.

Unfortunately, many seniors today are embarrassed to admit or even acknowledge that they have a fear of taking a shower. More often than not, they would rather ignore their fear, or worse yet believe that they are being childish.

But the reality is that few spouses, or even grown children, ever observe the challenges and stress that many seniors experience as they quietly struggle to bathe in the privacy of their bathrooms. We all tend to ignore the problem until it is too late. The issue comes to be a glaring reality when a senior falls or is injured...

Walk-in bathing appliances have high side walls and a low threshold door that permits seniors to enter the bath without needing to lift their feet more than a few inches.


Appropriately placed ADA grab bars provide personalized stabilization throughout this process. Once in, the bather can lower onto a raised integral seat – AND RELAX!

There is no risk of slipping, falling, or trying to get up or down from floor level. Anti-scald valves, drains and accessories are within easy reach.

Call us, we are here to help. We provide safe bathroom remodels, walk-in showers, and walk-in tubs for seniors and those with physical disabilities. We would be honored to hear from you.

Advantages of Walk-In Tubs

Hydrotherapy in a walk-in tub delivers sanitary, gentle whole-body massage, and can have truly life altering impact on a senior’s health, relaxation and sense of well-being. High quality walk-in bathtubs offer the option of hydrotherapy (not dangerous jetted “hot tubs”).

Every single client we have raves about the relaxation, pain reduction and invigorating benefits they receive from hydrotherapy. Many report they are even able to reduce expensive, harmful medications.

For more information about our specific product, you can visit this website:


“Compared to competitors these people were highly professional and timely; they were also receptive to ideas that didn't quite fit their box. Found this suppler to be superior in all respects.”

Albert P, Chicago, IL

“Very knowledgeable about process and prepared for possible hiccups along the way. Very thorough and very honest during the entire process. Great people and a great company that really cares about the customers’ satisfaction. Two thumbs up.”

Brian K, Mundelein, IL

“They were honest, and upfront about everything. I thoroughly trusted them and felt comfortable with them.”

Eileen W, Burnham, IL

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