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Whirlpool Spas

Whirlpool Spas

Dreaming of relaxing in a luxurious whirlpool tub? We can make your dream come true.


Not only is a whirlpool tub a great way to unwind, there are health benefits of hydrotherapy as well.

Beneficial Thermal Effects of Hydrotherapy

Warm and cold baths alike create certain reactions in your body tissues that help lessen pain and discomfort and improve the healing process. Warm baths open up your capillaries (the small blood vessels in your body that are closest to tissues) which leads to increased blood flow and circulation, helping your body oxygenate and heal tissue better and get rid of toxins faster. Heat also slows down your internal organs, and is good at lessening

certain types of aches and pains. Heat increases the production of beneficial body hormones, and stimulates the immune system. Warm, moist air from a hot bath can help open up congested or constricted airways in your lungs, throat and sinuses. Cold baths lessen inflammation in areas of injury, and help decrease the sensitivity and pain of injured areas.

Beneficial Mechanical Effects of Hydrotherapy

The gentle tingling sensation of air bubbles and the massage-like motion of water jets in spas and whirlpools create beneficial chemical reactions in your skin and tissues. This leads to increased circulation, which helps oxygenate tissues and evacuate toxins. In water, your body weighs only 10% of its normal weight, so there is a large amount of physical stress removed from your joints and bones, helping to relieve pain and discomfort. This partial weightlessness also helps relax the body, because muscles don’t have to work as hard to keep the body in position and are given a chance to relax.

All it Takes Is a Matter of Minutes...

For You to Start Reaping the Benefits of Hydrotherapy


In a study conducted at a university, the following effects were recorded. Here’s what happens to your body as you take a relaxing Jacuzzi bath (at approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit):

After 5 minutes: Your blood pressure and pulse rates begin to drop.

After 8 – 10 minutes: The warm water increases your blood flow and circulation improves in your hands and feet, making them feel warmer.

After 12 – 15 minutes: The buoyancy effect of the water allows your muscles to relax and become more reactive to passive exercise. Your tissues are more malleable and become receptive to stretching, which encourages the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your body.

After 15 – 20 minutes: By eliminating the effect of gravity, pressure is removed from the joints, and stress on the supporting muscles and ligaments is lessened. Your aches and pains begin to decrease in severity.


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Albert P, Chicago, IL

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Brian K, Mundelein, IL

“They were honest, and upfront about everything. I thoroughly trusted them and felt comfortable with them.”

Eileen W, Burnham, IL

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